Friday, September 26, 2014


(Elkhart, IN) Hi 80 Lo 51 -- Finally, our repair work is done! Today they worked on our new Coleman-Mach air conditioner/heat pump. The heat pump portion was blowing cold air. After several changes of control boards and other troubleshooting didn't work, they finally contacted an engineer at Coleman-Mach who informed them there was a change to how the adaptor (that lets us use our old Carrier controls) is wired when it's installed. And they didn't bother to inform their customers of this change. By mid-afternoon everything was done, and after an hour of paperwork, and giving us the bad news (final cost), we're finally able to say goodbye to Camp Master Tech. But not before getting one more free night out of them. We'll leave tomorrow morning for Joliet for some family time with our Son Rick, his lovely wife Laura, and the grand kids.

After eight days of work, the total bill for everything was $4,215. Fortunately our extended warranty covered $2,200 of that so our out of pocket expense was $2,013. (We LOVE our Cornerstone extended warranty, purchased through Wholesale They've yet to deny a claim for us.) That included 8 1/2 hours of labor on the big slide, a brand new 15K BTU Coleman-Mach air conditioner/heat pump, repair of our furnace, reinforcing our front end cap to (hopefully) prevent the trim screws from constantly loosening, and some last minute brake service. (When our tech inspected and adjusted the trailer brakes, he found a fluid leak on one of the fittings.) We're very happy with the quality of work done by Master Tech RV. Our large slide works much smoother now and isn't rubbing on the living room carpet any more. We feel they could have done more in the area of customer service by keeping us informed a little better, and they tended to over-promise as far as completion times, but other than that we highly recommend them for any service you might need on your RV. But as every RV'er knows, very seldom is major RV maintenance or repair jobs a very smooth process.

So our ordeal is finally over! Now we can move on tomorrow and enjoy the next few weeks with our family.

Tomorrow's a travel day, so see you in two days.


DreamCatcher said...

Thank goodness for extended warranty! So glad to hear you will be back on the road tomorrow for some family time. On the road again...catchy tune! ;-)

Dizzy-Dick said...

I should have purchased an extended warranty but didn't. BTW, I did get my RV out of the shop. Will have to go to a local park and make sure everything works but first I have to get the expired state inspection updated.

Fergizmo (Allen Ferguson) said...

Glad you are all fixed up and ready to go. It was nice meeting you two. Hope you didn't get too many skeeter bites last night. Safe travels.