Sunday, September 28, 2014

Elkhart to Joliet - Family Time

(Joliet, IL) Hi 77  Lo 53 -- Our repairs were finally completed by Master Tech RV Service on Friday, after nine days. We decided to spend one more (free) night in Camp Master Tech and leave on Saturday. On Friday evening I joined a few other customers who were in for service, including two couples who were at the rally last week, for an impromptu "happy hour". (click on pictures to enlarge them.)

Drue and Kena, Allen and Donna, Pat and Sharon (holding Tixie)
2014-09-26 Dual Kenya Allen Donna Pat and Sharon

Master Tech RV is great with repairs and they found a few things we didn’t know was a problem, but they are very slow and meticulous. I guess overall that's a good thing. We had a great feeling of freedom when we finally left Elkhart around 10am Saturday for Joliet, IL, about 20 miles southwest of Chicago.

The traffic wasn’t as bad as it is on a weekday, and we arrived at the Hollywood Casino RV Park before noon central time. We changed time zones again, so back to Central. We got setup and had a bite to eat then headed to see our son Rick and his wife Laura in Homewood, about 20 miles from the park. Laura recently started her own real estate business and she gave us a tour of her storefront office right on one of the main streets in Homewood. We relaxed at their house for a couple hours then to the Saturday evening service at their church. After church Rick and Laura treated us to a nice dinner, a delayed birthday celebration for Jim.

We slept late this morning. It felt good not to have to be up early to get the rig ready to go into the repair bay. Rick came over before noon and watched Jim do a few chores around the RV.

Rick and Jim
2014-09-28 Rick and Jim

We went for some lunch at Steak and Shake, then to Aurora to see grandson Jack and his mom Kendra in Aurora. Jack showed us his pet turtle Domino.

2014-09-28 Jack and Domino Turtle (1)

He also has two dogs. I asked him why he wanted a turtle, and he said "it’s better then a pig." Hard to argue with that!

2014-09-28 Jack and Domino Turtle (2)

Rick played soccer while in grade school, and he’s passed on his love of the game to Jack. He’s becoming a very good player, and we're looking forward to seeing him play in a game while we're here. Part of soccer training is learning how to "juggle", bounce the ball in the air using your feet or any body part except your hands. His record so far is 62 times, which is really good for a 9 year old. He challenged me and Jim to try it. Jim made it to six, and I did two. It’s not as easy as it looks.

2014-09-28 soccer fun jim jack dee rick(9)

2014-09-28 soccer fun jim jack dee rick(4)

Jim was kicking to Rick while Jack sat and laughed at us.
2014-09-28 soccer fun jim jack dee rick(13)

Rick and Jack
2014-09-28 soccer fun jim jack dee rick(2)

We went out for ice cream then took Jack back home, and Rick took us back to the RV. It was a long driving day for Rick. It was 35 minutes to our place, then another 45 minutes to Jack's. He works in downtown Chicago, and puts a tremendous number of miles on his car. His car is less than two years old and already has over 35,000 miles on it.

On our way home we saw this in the back of a truck. It's one of those bull riding machines you see in a saloon or bar. There were several people taking pictures of it.

2014-09-28 riding bull  (2)

We came home and watched the recorded NASCAR race and settled in for the night. We’ll be busy with family and friends this week, so come along.

A reminder, there’s a lot of information on the right side of our blog, including all the parks we’ve stayed in and archives of all our past blog posts.

See you tomorrow.

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