Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day - Tough Game for USA

(Carson City, NV) Hi 97 Lo 57 --
 Happy Canada Day to our friends north of us. In 2011 we had forgotten about the holiday in Ontario and we had a hard time getting a place to park. When we did it was a packed park with no wi-fi, TV, or cell phone. So far that hasn't happened again. It was quite a fun few days passing the time with nature and each other. :)

We spent the afternoon watching the World Cup game between USA and Belgium. USA did a very good job and even took the game to overtime (or extra time as they call it in soccer, er futbol). Belgium finally won 2-1. It was amazing to see all the interest around the U.S., with huge rallies in several big cities. I doubt if much work got done today.

Late afternoon we had a rain shower come through, with some wind gusts. It's been a long time since we've seen rain. We might have off and on rain through the night.

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Sandra Merrikin said...

Thanks for the Canada Day wishes! It is a big camping weekend up here for sure!