Monday, June 30, 2014

Down to the Last Week

(Carson City, NV) Hi 95 Lo 59 -- The temperature is climbing a bit but we're not complaining. We wish we could have this dry air back east. It's really nice.

I had my follow-up dental appointment today. The tooth that was pulled is doing fine, and the one beside it needed a filling. I'm all done with dental appointments now, unless something else comes up. But since we have only one week left, it will have to wait. I'm hoping nothing else comes up until we get back to Florida.

We went to the grill at the Casino for dinner tonight. They had prime rib for $8.99 (for Jim) and fried shrimp for $7.79 (for me). It was very good, and a great price. On the way out of the casino Jim played $2.00 in a video poker machine (a nickel at a time) and cashed out $3.00. That's a 50 percent return on his investment. :) Ah, life is good!


Phyllis said...

Sure don't see those prices up here in the largest State.

Don't lose your retirement funds! However, if you are like us $20. each is the max at a casino. And we go maybe once every 3 or 4 years.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Wow! What unexpected, new found wealth! :cD

Dizzy-Dick said...

Those casinos make their money off of gambling and provide the great food at a low cost to their visitors.

Donna W. said...

gosh havent had prime rib in years, just so expensive, maybe I'll make Sam take me to the casino for my birthday. Like Phyllis $20.00 is my spending limit. (with all the casinos here I've been once). always astounds me when kids at restaurant go and play a couple of hundred dollars.