Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bin Diving - The National Automobile Museum (The Harrah Collection)

(Carson City, NV) Hi 95 Lo 52 – Today we got together with George and Linda and the guys and gals went separate ways. George drove us all to Reno where we split up. We dropped the gals off at the big Goodwill store in Reno to do some “bin diving.” They have dozens of bins lined up in a large room and they fill them with all sorts of “stuff” that isn’t quite good enough to sell on the store shelves. (Click on photos to enlarge them.)

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It brings to mind the old saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Some bargains can be found, but it requires lots of rooting and searching.

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While they were having their fun, George and I went to the National Automobile Museum. It’s been named one of the “top 5” auto museums in the nation. It houses the 200-plus car collection that belonged to Bill Harrah, the famous auto collector and gaming industry pioneer. (I’m sure you’ve seen many Harrah’s casinos around the nation.) It had a couple of display areas set up to look like a small town main street.

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There were also several large exhibit halls filled with cars of every imaginable era and type.

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We were amazed at how many different brands of American cars that we had never heard of. Some of the brands were Franklin, Cole, Krit, and many others. We were amazed at the beauty of this 1921 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost with a body made of sheets of copper. Just stunning!

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I got a kick out of this 1921 Ford Kampcar..

20140702_111941 (1024x576)

It was outfitted to make camping convenient during the roaring 20’s, and pre-dated the RV craze by 50 years. You can read about it on this placard.

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It wasn’t just antique cars in the collection; there were also many cars of the modern era, including race cars.

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We went back to pick up Dee and Linda. They both made a couple of small purchases from the bins. We then went to lunch at Famous Dave’s BBQ, a place we all love. We had an interesting experience there… They had a Wednesday 50-cent wings special going on. You could buy all the wings you want for 50 cents each, as long as you purchase an entrée. Dee and I thought some wings would be a good snack for dinner at home tonight, since we’re having a big BBQ lunch. After ordering some wings to go, the waiter told us that (according to the manager) the discounted price for the wings was an “in house” special only, and couldn’t be ordered to go. Hmmm…  Well, I told the waiter to bring two orders of wings for Dee and I and we’ll eat them with our entrees. The wings came, we finished our entrees, and we asked for a go box. The waiter brought us the box and, with a wink said, “Enjoy your wings tonight.” We all had a good laugh. Take that, manager!  Smile
Another fun day.

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Bob and Jo said...

We also like famous daves, most of all the bread pudding. That car museum looks neat, have to visit it someday.