Thursday, October 3, 2013

Friday Night Gang (On Thursday)

(Raleigh, NC) Hi 88 Lo 62 -- This morning Jim had an appointment for an eye exam. I tagged along to get a hair cut in the same area. As part of his exam he had to have his eyes dilated. When we got home he couldn't see well enough to read so we watched some recorded TV shows.

This evening we went to dinner with a special group. Back when we lived here we had a group of seven of us who, starting in 1999, met every Friday night for dinner. One of them has plans for tomorrow night, so we had our weekly dinner on Thursday this week.

L to R: Bobbie, Jeff, Jerry, Gary, Cyndi, and Dee.

It's great to be back with our friends again.


Jim and Judy said...

I bet they enjoyed hearing about your "life on the road".

Jim and Sandie said...

Did you have to drive home? I couldn't see good enough after my eyes were dilated to be able to drive. I rode home with my eyes closed. Thank goodness Jim was driving. So much fun to catch up with good friends.

Mike and Terri said...

Excellent! It's always a special treat to get together with old friends that we don't get to see very often.