Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day Trip to Ontario, Canada

(Ft. Drum, NY) Hi 69 Lo 46 -- We woke up early and turned on the furnace for one cycle to warm up while we got ready to leave for Canada. As we were pulling out I noticed a light on my dashboard that I've never seen before. It was the low tire pressure warning light. Jim got out our air compressor and topped up all the tires. They were all about five pounds low. The light is still on, but we're now thinking it may be the spare tire that's low. We'll check it out later this weekend.

We had breakfast at Dunkin Donuts then headed to Smith Falls, Ontario. We arrived around noon at Gordon and Sandra's house. It was great to see them again. We saw them last when we were here in June, 2011. We visited awhile then went to lunch.

After lunch we went on a nice drive to Ottawa. We stopped at one of my favorite places, The Bulk Barn, where you can get candy, nuts, and baking items in bulk.

Gordon is a photographer, so he stopped at some  Ornamental Gardens to take some pictures. I took a few myself.

I loved this arch. 
We stopped for dinner at The Swiss Chalet, a local Canadian chain restaurant.The food was very good. After returning to their house in Smiths Falls we checked into our motel room for the night. It was a wonderful day with great friends. 

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