Friday, September 13, 2013

Shopping and Packing

(Ft. Drum, NY) Hi 61 Lo 50 -- The temperatures sure dropped, but our fireplace provides enough heat to keep us comfortable.

We took our time this morning checking emails and reading blogs to see if any of our RV'ing friends were in the area. My mom called and talked awhile. She's doing well and really likes where she's staying. It's like a home that cares for 30 people. She told me what the place looks like and how everyone gets along.

After lunch we went to the commissary and the post exchange for supplies. We needed a printer cartridge, and we haven't been eating out as much lately so we wanted to restock some items for lunches and dinners. The freezer was getting kind of empty, so it's now restocked.

Tomorrow we're driving to Smith Falls, Ontario to visit Sandra and Gordon. We went to see them in 2011, and to refresh our memories of what we did at that time I looked it up in the archives of our blog. If you're traveling or full time RV'ing, there are many benefits to keeping a blog. Not only to you keep your friends and family informed of your travels, it's nice to go back to see where you've been and remind yourself about the area. It's come in handy for us several times, especially when we visit a park for a second time (like we're doing now) to refresh our memories about the park's amenities. We're in our fourth year and we used the archives a lot.

We came back home, stayed warm and dry and packed up a few things for our trip to Canada tomorrow morning.

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Elaine said...

enjoy your visit !!!!!!! We're starting the load up to had south for the end of Oct...I'm making my lists the rush is on :)