Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hugs to Friends -- Back in the USA

(Ft. Drum, NY) Hi 65 Lo 48 -- We're not fond of motels, they usually have very hard beds. Neither of us slept very well last night. We went back to Sandra and Gordon's at 9:00 this morning, then we went to The Good Life Bistro & Bakery for breakfast. When we returned to their house we visited some more, then Gordon set up his tripod and got a nice photo of the four of us.

Instead of "good bye" hugs we had "see you later" hugs, because they're planning to come see us on Tuesday.

We had smooth border crossings in both directions. Going into Canada we were asked several questions and coming back in the US only three questions, the normal "do you have weapons, do you have any liquor, where are you going and where do you live." We found out we have to update our GPS to add Canada maps. Once we cross the border the GPS is useless, and we can't use Google Maps on our phones because we have to turn our data off. The data charges in Canada are extremely expensive on Verizon.

We came back to the RV and Jim watched football and I caught up on all my computer games. We had a wonderful couple of days. Thanks Sandra and Gordon for being wonderful hosts!