Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Arrived in Vermont

(Dummerston, VT) Hi 75 Lo 64 – No rain today, just clouds and off and on peeks of sunshine. We took our time getting ready to leave as it was only a two hour move to Vermont.

Our neighbors are leaving tomorrow. He said he always loads up his smart car the day before he leaves. Today we got to watch him winch it up onto the back of his heavy duty Volvo truck.
2013-09-03 skip and his car loading (2)

He winches it up onto a platform that he can turn so the car is lined up properly for travel.
2013-09-03 skip and his car loading (6)

2013-09-03 skip and his car loading (7)

He was an engineer by trade in his working life, and he designed the whole system. It was entertaining watching the whole process.

Our travel to Dummerston, VT very smooth. It was a beautiful drive through the mountains of southern New Hampshire. Dummerston is just over the border on the southeastern edge of Vermont. We had a couple construction areas, but they didn’t hold us up any. We're staying at Hidden Acres Camping Resort. We have a nice pull through site with 30-amp electric and water in the open (no trees) portion of the park.

Our site
2013-09-03 Hidden Acres camping resort dummerston VT (3)

There’s another whole section for those who like trees.
2013-09-03 Hidden Acres camping resort dummerston VT (7)

We have a good satellite signal and great park wifi, so we’re set. We met a couple who arrived just ahead of us. They're in their first year of full timing in their Montana fifth wheel. Maybe we'll get to know them better this week.

We’ll see what we can do around the area for the next five days. I found a list of covered bridges, and of course I’ll find some Vermont maple syrup.

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Janice Williford Evans said...

hmmmm. . .saw a similar smart car setup in Livingston TX. . .might'a been the same folks. . .pretty cool!

We made sure to get our supply of Vermont Maple Syrup too. . .ruins ya for anything else. . .ever!

Enjoy your stay. . .