Monday, September 2, 2013

Last Day in New Hampshire

(Epsom, NH) Hi 72 Lo 66 -- I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day Holiday.

It stormed and rained all night and continued through the day. It was a good day to stay inside. I felt bad for all the campers that were packing up to leave. By noon there were only a few rigs left in the park.

The view out our back window.
2013-08-30 circle 9 cg epsom NH before holiday (1)

Before the holiday weekend
view of circle 9 cg

During the holiday weekend
2013-08-31 circle 9 cg epsom NH during holiay (1)

2013-08-31 circle 9 cg epsom NH during holiay (2)

Close up of our site. The setup on the right was a typical "camping" family. They had a small travel trailer, a tent for their four teenage kids, and ate their meals under the cover. It was quite a setup.
2013-08-31 circle 9 cg epsom NH during holiay (3)

Our neighbors to our left spent most of the time sitting outside. Jackie and Skip with their dog Jasmine.
2013-08-30 skip jackie jasmine Circle 9 cg espom NH

We had a great time here. Jim is watching baseball today, and we're getting the RV ready for the move to Vermont tomorrow morning.


Gypsy said...

Have a safe journey over to Vermont. I'm glad the Labor Day holiday is nearly over, and maybe prices can come back down to something more realistic.

Jenny Johnson said...

Have fun in Vermont - we were there a couple years ago to visit my sister who lives in East Haven-wave to her as you go by or etter yet just stop in for a visit!!