Thursday, August 15, 2013

Trip to New Hampshire

(Epsom, NH) Hi 73 Lo 55 -- It was a wonderful day to move to New Hampshire. We left about 11:00 from Cape Cod. Thank goodness we were going north. This is what it looked like for four miles north of the bridge to the Cape, on a Thursday in the middle of the day!
2013-08-15 Circle 9 CG, epsom, NH (3)

We loved the area but we won’t miss the heavy traffic. The locals say the traffic is worse this summer than it's ever been. Everyone's complaining about it.

We had a good trip today. The traffic was a little heavy on the outer loop around Boston, but otherwise it was traffic-free as we crossed over into New Hamsphire.
2013-08-15 Circle 9 CG, epsom, NH (7)

We passed by this very impressive looking building...
2013-08-15 Circle 9 CG, epsom, NH (9)

And this beautiful large home.
2013-08-15 Circle 9 CG, epsom, NH (10)

The roads in this part of the country are great... nice and smooth. We arrived at Circle 9 Family Campground in Epsom and got set up by 3:00.
2013-08-15 Circle 9 CG, epsom, NH (13)

2013-08-15 Circle 9 CG, epsom, NH (11)

There’s a fishing pond right in front of us.
2013-08-15 Circle 9 CG, epsom, NH (14)

Jim didn't think he'd be able to set up his satellite dish. This far north the dish has to be pointed almost straight ahead because the satellites are so low to the horizon (around 20 degrees from horizontal, in case anyone's interested). But the park manager gave us a nice open site and he managed to get a signal, despite a line of trees on the other side of the park. So he's happy. And I'm happy because we have decent free park wifi.

We picked up some tourist brochures at the park office, so we'll look them over and see what we want to do while we're here.

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Speedy said...

WOW!! You two are on the move all the time. The air up here is too thin for us to move that much. We have to have some time to catch out breath. LOL I know you are having the time of your life...keep it up as long as you can.