Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hyannis, MA

We're getting into area that may not have WIFI to post the blog. If you don't see it, we'll post with updates as soon as we can connect. Hopefully we won't have problems.

(Joint Base Cape Cod, MA) Hi 73 Lo 61 – Today is our last day here on Cape Cod. We decided not to make the drive all the way out to the end of the Cape to Provincetown. There just doesn’t seem to be enough to see to warrant over an hour drive each way. We’ve seen enough beaches and upscale waterfront communities in our travels. So we stayed closer to home and drove only 15 miles to Hyannis, summer home of the Kennedy family.

One unusual architectural thing that we noticed in New England is the number of homes and business buildings that have shingled sides. I’m from the south, and Dee is from the midwest, and we don’t see those types of structures there.

Very interesting and unique (to us anyway).

While out today we stopped at a Jiffy Lube and got an oil change for the Toyota. It was overdue, and I found a $13 off coupon online. Then we stopped for lunch at a local pub in Hyannis, Bobby Byrne’s. Dee had haddock au gratin, and I had a pasta dish. Dee really liked her dish, and mine was average or a little better.

We then drove to downtown Hyannis. The Kennedy compound is in nearby Hyannis Port (you can’t drive to it, it’s all on private property). John F. Kennedy spent a lot of time during the summers there when he was president. The downtown area is your typical resort area, lots of overpriced souvenirs and eating places.

We did, however, make a point of stopping at the JFK Museum, which celebrates the love JFK and his entire family had for Hyannis Port.

The museum consisted primarily of photos of the Kennedy family, with very few artifacts, mainly campaign buttons and small things like that. Rather disappointing if you want to know the truth. The entrance fee is $8.00 (half price for seniors over 65), and we don’t think it’s even worth that much.

The gift shop was even chintzy, with a few t-shirts and hats, a few books, and some postcards. We don’t recommend it unless you’re a diehard Kennedy fan.

After our short stay at the museum we walked a few blocks to the Hyannis harbor.

You can sure tell there’s a lot of money in this town! On the way we passed this charming church, with a very old cemetery behind it. Dee loves looking at old graves, and most of the ones here dated back to the very early 1800’s.

We then made our way back home. I was going to take the truck to fill up with diesel, but I discovered I still had 3/4 tank left, plenty to drive the 140 or so miles tomorrow. So I decided to dump the tanks, to save time getting out of here tomorrow. The sewer connection here sticks up pretty high, higher than the outlet on the side of our rig. So what do we do? Everyone knows s*** won’t flow uphill. Solution: jack our rig up using our Bigfoot leveling system. I managed to get it high enough so that our sewer output was higher than the park connection. Problem solved! (It also gave me a good opportunity to lube the legs while they were well extended.)

We enjoyed our stay here in Cape Cod. Will we ever come back? Probably not. The weather here is spectacular and the people are very friendly. However, the traffic is horrendous, and there isn’t anything here that we don’t have on the coasts of our two home states, North Carolina and Florida.

If we come back to Massachusetts it will probably be somewhere closer to Boston so we can explore more of that fabulous city.

Tomorrow it’s on to New Hampshire, and more new territory for us, plus we're hoping to meet up with an RV-Dreams friend.


Jim and Sandie said...

Such a disappointment in the museum. I can guarantee we will never be on Cape Cod but I enjoyed your visit.

Jim and Judy said...

At least now you can say you have been to the playground of the "rich and famous"!!

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

You didn't miss much bypassing P-Town. Tiny streets jammed with tourists. Good call. :c)

Unknown said...

I do think the oysters are the best @ Cape Cod and I love the smell of the ocean there. But, you are so right about the traffic.

Jan said...

When I was growing up, and even now, and people say, "Oh, you grew up near the Kennedy family!" My response has always been the same..."Yes, 13 miles and yet a world away".. this comment since we were the "working Cape Codders" and not the privileged ones with summer homes nearby. we all had a wonderful time growing up on the Cape, and I would not change it for the world. I love going back to visit family who never left.