Friday, August 9, 2013

Rainy and Gloomy Day

(Joint Base Cape Cod, MA) Hi 75 Lo 70 -- It wasn't raining when we got up but it was too threatening to get out and go somewhere. There were flash flood warnings, and since we're close to the bay we didn't want to chance getting into anything serious. 

The rains came late morning so we settled in and tried to figure out what's wrong with our printer, which hasn't been working well lately. So far we haven't figured it out. We got some mail ready to go out, then we both goofed off the rest of the day. I played some computer games. I'm not sure who designs these games, but they're aggravating at times. I sometimes grumble about not making it to the next level. 

I started a new crochet project and so far I've started over a few times because it's not right. I'm looking forward to getting back to Florida this winter to the crocheting group so I can learn more. 

Jim did the laundry in between the showers. The laundry is free, but he had to drive about a couple of miles to the Wings Inn, where we registered for our site. The rain will be out of here tomorrow so we plan to get out and see some more sights.

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Jim and Judy said...

The weather doesn't surprise me, after all ya'l are in England (New).

PS: I read on the site that a new RV CG opened recently at the Cape Cod Coast Guard Station.