Thursday, August 8, 2013

I Think Our "Go Go" Got Up and "Went Went"

(Joint Base Cape Cod, MA) Hi 79 Lo 59 -- Rain was forecast for today so we planned to stay in. Well, after a brief shower this morning the rest of the day was sunny. So late this morning we considered getting out to do something. But once we were in our recliners with our laptops we lost all ambition to go anywhere. It was nice to have a down day and rest up from all the sightseeing.

I got all caught up on blogs and played computer games all day, and Jim used he extra time to back up his laptop, and read on his Kindle. Other than that, not much to report. It really is supposed to rain all day tomorrow, so we'll probably have another down day. Jim might do the laundy. Sorry, nothing exciting going on at the moment.

I did a quick walk down the road after dinner. I wasn't long till I saw a coyote, I did a turn around and went back. We've heard them now there's been a sighting.

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