Friday, August 23, 2013

On My Own

(Holden, ME) Hi 75 Lo 63 -- We were up early this morning... too early! I had to get Jim to the airport by 5:30. He's off to North Carolina for the funeral of his uncle Willie, who died this past week. I dropped him off and headed back home just as the sun was starting to come up. Neither of us has seen the sun rise in a very long time.

Jim had a very long day. I followed the three legs of his trip  He went from here to Philadelphia, then to Charlotte, and then a little prop plane to New Bern. When he was in the air I would sleep awhile.  The rest of the time while he was in layovers, I would nap a few minutes then play computer games or read blogs.

There's a restaurant on site here at the park. I went there this evening for an all you can eat haddock fish dinner. They do a very good job and have quite a variety of foods. They even have lobster rolls, which I'll get tomorrow for lunch.

This evening I walked around the park and met a lot of people who were sitting outside enjoying the great weather. There's hardly any humidity and the temperature is in mid 60's. It just doesn't get any better for August.

I may get out tomorrow, but there's a Folk Festival going on in Bangor this weekend with thousands of people attending, so I'm not going that direction. I'm not sure what I'll do, so stay tuned.

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Dizzy-Dick said...

Sorry to hear about Jim's uncle. Hope he gets back to you safe and sound real soon.