Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shopping in Bar Harbor

(Holden, ME) Hi 81 Lo 61 – We started out mid-morning to Bar Harbor, after checking the weather and seeing that storms may be coming in by late afternoon. It’s a one hour drive to Bar Harbor, and I wanted to do some shopping. When we got to downtown Bar Harbor we barely found a parking place. The traffic was bad, and there were so many people crossing the street it was good having another pair of eyes (Jim) to help with the maneuvering.

We don’t normally do a lot of shopping in tourist areas. When we arrived at the campground I saw a t-shirt they were selling that had a lobster on it and the word Maine. They didn’t have one in my size, so I was on a mission to see if any of the stores in Bar Harbor had one. We looked through a few fancy stores, with no luck. Jim said we have to look for a "tackier" souvenir shop. We did that, and sure enough we found a shop that had what I was looking for. It was even on the clearance table! It’s great finding something you have your heart set on getting. Now I have pajamas and a T-shirt from Maine.

We spent a couple of hours looking around and basically playing tourist.

Looking up main street. See the Moose on top of the building? (Click on photo to enlarge it.)

Here's a closer look at the Moose, from the other side of the building.

Looking down Main street toward the harbor.

We walked to the harbor and took some shots.

Seemed strange seeing a shrimp trawler anchored in the harbor.

We found a little pizza joint that had a good selection of sandwiches, so we had some lunch. We got home in plenty of time before the storms came in.

I'll be taking Jim to the Bangor airport early tomorrow morning for a 6:30am flight to North Carolina. His uncle passed away this week and he's going home for the funeral. He’ll be back Sunday evening. I'll have three days alone to do something around the area, but I plan to stay away from the crowded tourist places. If I’m in the chatroom longer over the weekend, it’s because I’m lonely. :)


Jim and Sandie said...

Another success story - a lobster t-shirt. Way to go girl.

Janice Williford Evans said...

we were in Bar Harbor today also. . .didn't see you. . .LOL!

I wanted a pic of the reading room. . .and to see if the sailing regatta was still in the harbor. . .they weren't!

Too bad we are leaving Sunday. . .if you are ever near Houston, look us up!

A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

Safe trip Jim. I'm sorry for your loss. Dee, enjoy your single time! LOL

GGuncle said...

tell Jim I'm sorry for his loss, hope he has a safe trip both ways . I hope your time alone goes by fast for you. You know you are both in my thoughts all the time, &, YES I'm still reading & enjoying your travels. I would like to get back up to Maine again .

Jim and Judy said...

Hope Jim has a safe trip. I like to eat when I am lonely, I recommend another nice ME.lobster

Beach Lovers Martha & Lee said...

Sorry for Jim's loss. How long are you going to be in Maine? We will be working Sat, Sun and Mon but if you are still here maybe we can get together. We are in Canaan.

Mike and Terri said...

Sorry for your loss. Hope Jim has a safe trip, and Dee, you stay safe too!

owensontheroad said...

Hope Jim had a safe flight, and give him a hug from us when he gets back. Have some nice quiet time :)

Phyllis said...

So it's shop til you drop, or at least find the T-shirt of your dreams.