Saturday, August 3, 2013


(Joint Base Cape Cod, MA) Hi 73 Lo 66 -- We had a light rain for most of our 90 mile trip to Capt Cod, Massachusetts. It wasn’t long before we saw the welcome sign.
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The traffic wasn’t bad until we got about five miles north of the Bourne Bridge that takes you onto Cap Cod. It then took us 40 minutes to go those five miles. The traffic didn’t stop totally, but it sure did crawl along.

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It's a three-lane highway narrowing down to a two-lane bridge, with on ramps merging in to add to the jam. The bridge was narrow for the RV, but Jim did a great job holding it off the steep edge to the right.

This sign greeted us just before the bridge.
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We arrived at Joint Base Cape Cod a little after 1:30. The base has a Coast Guard Station, a Mass. Air National Guard Base (the old Otis AFB), and several other smaller military units. We signed in at the Temporary Lodging Office and got directions to the famcamp. It's a brand new facility, just opened last momth, and doesn't show up on the Google Maps. There’s only five sites, and when Jim called for a reservation a month ago they were booked up through August. He called again a few days ago and there happened to be a recent cancellation opening up a site through August 15th. So we’re here for 12 days.
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The park is nothing fancy, but we do have 50-amp service with water and sewer on a long gravel pull through site. It looks like they may have plans for improving the park in the future. There’s no wi-fi but we have 4G service on the phones to get internet. And it's open enough that we have a good satellite TV signal. We can see all around us, which I like so I can watch the weather. The welcome booklet we received says to be aware of coyotes on the base. It’s going to be a great couple of weeks. The temperature is great, so maybe we can do without the AC for awhile. We're looking forward to some good seafood while we're here.


Jessica Riker said...

Looks like a great home base to check out the Cape Cod area! You are going to find so much good seafood to indulge in. :) And the weather looks to be beautiful - no a/c needed!

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Didn't know about the new campground. I've spent a lot of time on that base and at the air station.

I'd rather do Cape Cod after Labor Day, when everybody from Boston is back at work and school.