Friday, August 2, 2013

Hickory Ridge Campground

(Greene, RI) Hi 87 Lo 66 -- We had nothing planned today but there was a lot to do. We’ll be moving in the morning to Massachusetts so Jim filled the truck with diesel. The nearest gas station is six miles away.

I walked around the park and paid for our time here while the owner was at the office. She told us some of the things that’s around here and some of the background of the area. I took pictures of the park, which is very nice. The rate is $38 a night, with no discounts of any kind. (Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Behind the office is a pool.
2013-07-29 hickory ridge cg greene RI (2)

There’s many seasonal residents here, some with very elaborate decks and many lawn decorations.
2013-07-29 hickory ridge cg greene RI (3)

One of two bath houses.
2013-07-29 hickory ridge cg greene RI (4)

There’s connections in a big field, so there’s plenty of room.
2013-07-29 hickory ridge cg greene RI (6)

2013-07-29 hickory ridge cg greene RI (7)

2013-07-29 hickory ridge cg greene RI (8)

I love the stone fences you see all over. They’re beautiful and add to the charm of this area.
2013-07-29 hickory ridge cg greene RI (5)

Jim took the day to get a list of the things we want to see and do this next week while in the Cape Cod area. We’re looking for ideas for good seafood restaurants.
I read blogs, did the budget for July (which we’re doing quite well staying within the budget), then finished up the baby afghan for the Linus Organization in Florida.
2013-07-31 baby afghan

I started a shawl for myself, fighting with the pattern and trying to figure out what it wants me to do.

Be sure to follow along this next week.


Jessica Riker said...

I don't know if you saw my comment on fb, but if you go to Plymouth, there is an awesome seafood place called "Cabby Shack". They have an award winning bread bowl of clam chowder that was SO good. But lots of other yummy seafood too. And there is a nice outside deck - it is right on the water. We really enjoyed our meal there a couple years ago.

Jim and Judy said...

I bet you can get good sea food just about everywhere up there.

Mike and Terri said...

The afghan is beautiful Dee! Great job!

Barbara said...

Glad to see you're exploring my neck of the woods! By the way, we call them stone walls and you will find them all over New England.