Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Visiting with Jim's Relatives

(Falling Waters, WV) Hi 84 Lo 69 -- We had a laid back morning. It was rainy and foggy all morning, but it cleared up by mid-afternoon. Early this afternoon we left for Hagerstown, MD about 15 miles away to visit Jim's cousin Adele and her husband Richard. We saw them two years ago when we were in the area and were anxious to see them again. (Click on the pictures to make them larger)

Adele and Richard

We sat by their pool and got caught up with our lives, and when the sun finally came out we changed into our bathing suits and enjoyed a swim.

Richard removing the robot sweeper from the pool. It was kind of creepy watching it move along the bottom on its own.

They live in a beautiful area of Maryland close to the Catoctin Mountains. They have a spectacular view across the valley from their back yard. I can't imagine how beautiful it must be October with the fall colors.

Adele made a wonderful pork roast dinner for us, with the best corn on the cob we've ever had. It was fresh from a vegetable stand nearby. We stayed till  dusk then headed home.

Thank you Adele and Richard for a great afternoon.

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Gypsy said...

I've had many good times backpacking in the Catoctins. It's so nice to get together with family when you're on the road. I usually stop in Milwaukee to visit my brother & his family, but this trip may have to forego the visit. But I will see other relatives in my travels. It sounds like you are having a great trip, so keep on enjoying life!