Monday, July 8, 2013

West Virginia Here We Are

(Falling Waters, WV) Hi 85 Lo 66 -- It was a nice sunny morning to start our trip. We stopped at the dump station to dump the tanks, and the exit was blocked because of a sagging power line. So Jim had to back up and around a corner between a tree and a big stump in order to head out on a different exit road. The park owner was concerned and kept a close eye on us, but it went well.

We had a good trip on the Pennsylvania Turnpike except for a couple of slowdowns for some construction and street cleaning. At one point we moved at a walking pace for about a half hour. I guess the tolls we pay are being put to good use. The roads are nice.

We went through one long tunnel.

Here’s a few pictures of the scenery for those who have never been in this part of the country. (Click on pictures to enlarge.)



The highest point of today's travels. Nothing like last year in the Rockies.

We had a five hour travel day, which is long for us, but that’s because of so much waiting on the freeway. We arrived at Falling Waters Campsite about 4:15.

We have a pull through site with full hookups.

There are two sites in each pull through, it wasn't long we had a class C pull up behind us.

Site to the right of us.

Our view in back.

We’re very close to grocery shopping and restaurants, if we decide to go out. We’re here for three nights visiting Jim’s aunt and uncle in nearby Hagerstown, Maryland.

I want to mention we've updated the parks list and travel map at the right of the blog. You can only see them on the full web version of the blog.  Thanks for reading.


Gypsy said...

Almost heaven - West Virginia!

I really like your map of travels in the sidebar. I've been looking for something like that so I can journal my upcoming NY trip visually, and I see it is a Google map. Is it difficult to create, add to your blog, and update?

Dizzy-Dick said...

I can remember back when the Pennsylvania Turnpike had a bunch of tunnels. Made plenty of trips on that road.