Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Move to Beaver Falls, PA (Part 2)

(Beaver Falls, PA) Hi 84 Lo 65 -- We went through our hitch-up routine for the second morning in a row, which is unusual for us. Today we moved from the west side of Beaver Falls to the east side. The park we were in last night had no Verizon cell signal, and no park wi-fi, so we looked for another option. We found Hart's Content Campground, which turns out to be a nicer park, with very friendly people, and a good Verizon signal. The trip across town was about 15 miles, with some curvy roads, steep hills, and a couple of very sharp turns downtown. It was a little bit of a challenge, but Jim did really well.

I'll post more photos of the park in tomorrow's blog.

After getting cleaned up and resting for awhile we left to visit Bill and Doris, two of our Florida friends. They hosted a get together of our card night gang from Adelaide Shores. Along with our hosts and us, there were Barb and Gene, Pat and John, Martha and Gary, and Dick and Sandy. Martha and Gary live here in Beaver Falls, but all the others drove in from their homes two hours or more away.

We had a lot of fun and laughs as we sat around talking and telling stories. We managed to play some Chase the Ace and Three to Thirteen, just like old times at Adelaide Shores. Doris prepared a wonderful dinner for everyone, then after everyone was full, it was more cards!

Doris (our hostess) and Gene (Barb's husband)

Doris and Martha checking out some photos on Barb's iPad.
Gene, Dick, Gary (seated), and Bill (our host).
Pat and John
Dee checking out Barb's iPad.
Sandy and Dick, who drove all the way from Toledo to be with us.
Jim is showing Bill and Martha how Google Maps works on his smart phone.
The whole gang. (Click to enlarge) From left to right: Sandy, Gary, Barb, Bill (standing), Jim, Doris, Dick, Martha, Gene, Pat, and John.
We were having such a good time that we didn't want to leave. We finally left for home around 9 pm. Tomorrow we're having another get together, this time hosted by Martha and Gary. Can't wait!

Good friends, good food, and good fun. It doesn't get any better!


Jessica Riker said...

That was a quick trip, but sounds like it was a tricky one. Glad it all went well.

So great that you can get together with so many of your snowbird friends. Have fun! :)

Jim and Judy said...

Looked like the whole gang was there, except us :-(

Donna W. said...

wow what a group. how did they find a table that long :-)
sounds like you had a great time.
Isnt it funny how 10 years ago we wouldnt have thought anything of not having access to a phone or internet and today how important they are to us.

Jim and Judy said...

Like old times. Cannot wait til December. You guys have a great time tonight!!!


Unknown said...

I agree with your last sentence, heartily!