Monday, July 1, 2013

Move to Beaver Falls, PA (Part 1)

(Beaver Falls, PA) Hi 75  Lo 64 -- This will be a short one. We had a very smooth trip to Beaver Falls, PA. However, the campground we're set up in, Crawford's Camping Ground, has no cell signal. Nothing... zip... zilch. There is also no park wi-fi. We really can't live without internet for a week, not to mention we can't even make or receive phone calls. So, we scouted the area and found another campground about 15 miles across town and went and checked it out. It's a nicer park with a couple of bars of Verizon signal. We're moving there tomorrow morning.

Right now we're parked on the side of the road just to check our email and do this blog. Tonight we'll watch TV, but Dee will miss her chat room for one of the few times ever. She's fine with that, she's got her crocheting.

Until tomorrow, cheers everyone!


owensontheroad said...

Yeah, we all get the shakes without our internet and cell..but just for a moment, it's nice and quiet..except for the talking :)

Bob and Jo said...

We had a similar situation in Colorado and it was so weird.

Unknown said...

Finding places in PA with great reception can always be difficult. Have you tried Promised Land State Park?