Friday, July 5, 2013

Florida Friends and More Laughs

(Beaver Falls, PA) Hi 81 Lo 70 -- Our morning routine has been relaxing and we're having fun with our Florida friends in this area in the afternoons. We can tell it's a holiday weekend, there's very little traffic. I did forget to mention when we went to the bank on Wednesday for change (quarters for laundry) they asked if we were bank members. I'm wondering why they need to know that, but she gave me the roll of quarters.

After lunch we headed to Martha and Gary's for an afternoon of the card game Hand and Foot. It was the men were against the women, and the men took two out of three games. This version of the game was different than other times we've played it, which isn't unusual. Hand and Foot probably has more variations of rules than any other card game. This version was easier than some of the others.

Gary, Doris, Jim, Martha, Bill

We ordered some pizza for dinner, then played our old standby, Three to Thirteen, before heading home. It rained a couple times today, but so far there's been very little rain here. We're finally getting some good luck with the weather. Tomorrow we're going to Pittsburgh for some sightseeing.

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