Saturday, June 22, 2013

Movie and Groceries

(Elkhart, IN) Hi 84 Lo 72 -- Not much going on today, so we decided to go to the movies to see Man of Steel. There were only six of us in the theater and there were two more screens in the multiplex showing the movie. Very unusual for a Saturday.

We liked the movie very much, but as usual with most modern movies, it was too long, especially the final climactic scene. But it was a good story about the origin of Superman. We both liked Star Trek Into Darkness better. 

We needed groceries so we stopped at Walmart to stock up. I haven't gotten any groceries in quite a while because we've been eating out so much. I'll be cooking in more this week. At least we now have food for our next destination. 

It took awhile to put things away, then I went for my walk before relaxing the rest of the evening. The humidity it climbing so I cut the my walk a little short. 

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Unknown said...

As I can tell your love of movies I would like to recommend "The East" to you. My wife and I went a couple of nights ago and both thought it was great. As the movie ended you could hear a pin drop in there with barely a person getting up during the credits. As we were walking to the car we just looked at one another and said wow. If you go to it I hope that you enjoy it as much as we did.