Friday, June 21, 2013

Health Care at it's Best

(Elkhart, IN) Hi 86 Lo 66 -- Don't be misled by the title. We're fine. We're applying for long term health care insurance, and the underwriter is requiring that I get a medical exam and blood test. (I had one this past October, but they wanted verification of some of the data.)

Jim called an EC Urgent Care near us and they said we could come in, see a doctor, get the blood work done, and have the results back before we leave next week. When we arrived the lady took my info, then we went into the waiting room where a nurse took even more info. It wasn't a very long wait till the doctor came in and gave me a standard going over. I was sent to the lab to have my blood drawn and was told the results would probably be back in a couple hours. It went like clockwork, with no waiting, and with the most friendly staff I've ever dealt with. After they took my blood I was given some apple juice, since it had been 14 hours since I had anything to eat. We went out for breakfast, came home and within an hour I got a call to say the results were in and ready to be picked up. I went back to get them and was handed the summary of the exam, including a cover letter signed by the doctor. We scanned and emailed it to the insurance company, so now we wait to see if they'll be half as efficient as the medical staff. Somehow I doubt it. :)  I had to share all this because we hear so much bad about our health care system, and it's really nice to be able to report some good things about it. We're in their system now, so we'll always use EC Urgent Care for our medical needs when we're in this area.

We didn't do much the rest of the afternoon. It rained a bit but nothing more than a few drops. A storm front died out before it got to our area. We noticed there are a lot more rigs in the park tonight, then we realized it's Friday.


Travels with Emma said...

It's nice when things go smoothly.

Gypsy said...

I think there is good health care available, but I also think many of them are too big to serve the patient well. I still don't have an appointment that I've been trying to get since May, and UCD Medical System is a well respected organization.

Donna W. said...

How nice it went smoothly for you. will the insurance act as quickly, yeah right