Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Nature Hike – Little League Baseball

(Edwardsville, IL) Hi 80 Lo 62 -- Today we watched recorded TV shows and read for the whole day. We had an early dinner so we could go to Kendall’s  little league baseball game. Grandpa went to see the game and I spent some time with Kyle.

Kyle wanted to take me to a local park, so he hopped on his bike and I borrowed Angie's bike and we headed out. I haven’t ridden a bike for many years and I was afraid my knees wouldn’t hold up. I started out a little wobbly but caught on before long. It’s true, once you learn to ride you don’t forget. Once we got to the park we parked the bikes and hiked deep into the woods and down by a creek.

Kyle ahead of me. It was up and down hills on a muddy trail, but it sure was neat.
2013-05-22 hills park ofallon with kyle (2)

2013-05-22 hills park ofallon with kyle (3)

We rode three miles, and some of the hills were so steep I had to walk the bike. After we got home we went (by car) for some ice cream. After we were there awhile Angie and Frank dropped off Grandpa and Kendall to join us. They had to get home so Frank could get to bed. He works very early hours in his job as a TV new producer.

Me and my boys! Kendall on the left, and Kyle.
2013-05-22 kendall dee kyle

We dropped the boys off at home and returned to our home just as darkness fell.


owensontheroad said...

Looks like you had a great day with the boys. Ice cream is the best after a bike ride :)

Nancy and Bill said...

Biking, Hiking, Baseball and Ice Cream with your grandkids...just doesn't get any better!!!