Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Movie Day

(Edwardsville, IL) Hi 83 Lo 62 -- We made it through the storms last night. Thank you to everyone that checked on us, that gives us a nice feeling. We don't have any real safe place to go, but if it's not dark we can see storms for miles since we have fields all around us. Tonight it looks like the storms are staying South of us.

We decided to see a movie today, and Jim picked The Great Gatsby.

Jim's a big fan of the book, and he said the movie was pretty faithful to the story (except for the hip-hop music they had in parts of the soundtrack). It sure was a spectacular looking movie, and a gorgeous portrayal of the 1920's styles and fashions. We both agree that it's a lock for at least one Oscar, likely for cinematography or costumes. And the acting was wonderful. Our next movie will be the new Star Trek, which we plan to see soon with our son and grandsons.

We came back home, did our walk and Jim did some catch up laundry while I cleaned the RV. It's been awhile and we keep tracking in grass. Luckily, it only takes minutes to sweep and dust. I love the little space.

I want to thank our regular readers for sticking with us. We'll be on the move to the northeast states soon, which will make for more exciting blog posts.


GGuncle said...

if you come thru the buffalo,ny area again ,you'll have to stop & see my new park model. its a colony home-16' wide X68' long they built it to my specs. the factory is in pa. i'm in another mobile home park about one &one half miles north of where i was before. a lot nicer park, & a much better landlord. i should have done this long ago. dom..

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

After we were past, Sam says we should have called Jim and Dee yesterday and made a breakfast date.
Wished one of us had thought of that a day sooner.