Friday, April 5, 2013

The Last Time for Happy Hookers

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 75 Lo 64 -- We had rain off and on during the night and morning, then the whole system was out by early afternoon. I went to the last Happy Hookers gathering this morning. There weren't very many of us there, but I did get to show my new afghan to the gal that taught me how to do the stitch last Friday. I'm using three colors so everyone wanted to know how I did it.  I'm proud, I finally learned something that can be taught to others. There's a few gals staying the summer. One woman said she misses the four seasons. Another said we have four seasons here in Florida; we have dry season, wet season, lots of people season, and no people season. We all had a laugh, but it's so true. There's even some local businesses that close in the summer, and several that you have to pay cash or check because they don't have enough business year around to pay for the credit card fees they're charged. Interesting around here.

After saying goodbye and see you next year to several gals, I came home for a bite to eat then back to the clubhouse to play Mexican Train. It's been a long time but I remembered how. I can play again this Monday, so no goodbye's with that group just yet.

Jim went up on the roof to check the new sealing after all the rain. He said it looks fine (thank goodness). We did our walk, then back to the RV so Jim could watch the Cardinals baseball game. After dinner we played cards with our group. A lot of them will be leaving this week too.

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cantinero 46 said...

Sorry Jim, how about that Zito. Reminds me of last season. Always a Tony La Russa fan from Calif.