Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Day of Hard Work

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 76 Lo 54 -- It was a slow morning, but once we got moving we didn't quit for several hours. I cleaned the inside, including all the a/c and heating vents and smaller details, and Jim worked on the waxing the top part of the RV above the slides. We brought in the slides to make the job easier. Now we know they should work on Wednesday when we leave. :)

I visited with the neighbor awhile. They've decided to give up the RV lifestyle after 12 years. Due to their health they're not going to be able to care for the RV any longer so they're giving it up. Their son is coming down Sunday to drive it back to Illinois. They haven't decided yet if they'll return next year to live in a park model.

Four RV's pulled in this afternoon on their travels north from the southern part of Florida. On my walk I noticed an old trailer being pulled out. A neighbor told me a guy bought it to restore it and rent it out for the winter months in Punta Gorda, which is about an hour south of here on the coast. A lot goes on in this park. That's one thing that keeps me doing my daily walks, I'm nosy and I get to see what's going on. :)

We went out to dinner with Rosemary and Lee to a new place that just opened up in Sebring. It's in a location that's had a lot of different restaurants come and go. The food was good overall, but Jim and Lee said their steaks could have been better. They have a very good menu though, and we see a lot of potential for the place. Let's see if it's still open when we get here in November.

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Jim and Sandie said...

Lots of people in our park getting ready to pull out also. We've had several give up their RV's and move into Park models. Will happen to all of us someday.