Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rain, Storms and Visiting

(Huntsville, AL) Hi 67 Lo 54, stormy overnight and most of the morning.
I didn't get up till later this morning, trying to catch up on some sleep. Several storm cells went through most of the morning. Our electric went out again, but it was due to the weather this time. Fortunately it didn't stay off very long.

We went to visit with Andi and Rick after lunch. It quit raining in time to fire up their grill for dinner. It was great just relaxing with them. We did go for a walk. Their dog Corky seems to be more human than dog. He knows everything they say. When it's time for a walk he grabs his leash. He walked along with us by himself with his leash in his mouth. Like Andi said, the neighborhood rules say your dog has to be on a leash, but it doesn't say you have to hold on to it. :)

It's amazing to watch him. He knows several command, like "car coming" and "wait for us."

After our walk we all started to watch the movie Ironman, but we left before it was over to come home, relax and give them time to get ready for work tomorrow. We remember those days. We're hoping for a quiet, storm-free night of sleep tonight, and then see what we get into tomorrow.

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