Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Day With Our Dear Friend Andi

(Huntsville, AL) Hi 73 Lo 55, cloudy with intermittent drizzle. It was nice to sleep in this morning after having to get up before 7am yesterday. Our electric power is nice and stable after having our transfer switch replaced yesterday.

Late this morning we drove about 13 miles to Madison, a suburb of Huntsville, to the home of our long-time friend Andi.

Dee and Andi

We first met Andi back in the late 70's when we were stationed at Travis AFB, CA. She was 16 at the time and babysat our two sons. We've stayed in touch with her all these years, and we consider her one of our closest friends. She moved to the Huntsville area about eight months ago due to her job, along with Rick, her significant other, and their son Mike.

We sat and talked and got caught up on things, then we brought her to our rig for some more talking. After a while the three of us went to the base exchange and commissary to do some shopping. We took Andi back home and, after making plans for more get togethers this week, we returned home for the evening to watch the NASCAR race from Richmond.

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