Monday, April 29, 2013

Scouting Out Huntsville

(Huntsville, AL) Hi 77 Lo 58 – Partly Cloudy, nice day. We did our morning routine of coffee and computers. Jim did the laundry at the park laundry room, and while it was drying we took a walk around the area. There's a nice jogging path that goes for some distance around the base, and it has a loop around our RV park next to a small 1,200 foot high mountain (or a large hill, depending on your perspective). We did a little over mile. Here's some random photos I took on our walk.




The bathhouse.

The warm temperature today made us want to get out and check out the area. During our travels we like to check out the towns near us and ask the question, "Would we like to settle down here when our travels are over?" So when the laundry was done we headed out, first to Five Guys so Jim could get his burger fix. He says their burgers are the best of any fast food place, even better than Culver's :-(  Then we took a drive through downtown Huntsville, which has a “homey” feel to it. It’s nestled amongst some beautiful hills and the roads, buildings, and neighborhoods are all very attractive. And it seems to have all the stores and restaurants we like.


We caught a glimpse of Veterans Memorial Park downtown

The spring blossoms are blooming and this tree was gorgeous. I’m not sure what it is, but it was full of blossoms.


We made our way back to the RV. This is the first time in a while the other side of the RV is facing the evening sun, so we’re staying cooler on the door side. It’s great here.

We're planning a big day tomorrow, so be sure to come back and see what we do.


GGuncle said...

hi,jim & dee. they just opened a 5 guys rest. here, so next time you come for a visit i'll know where to take jim.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Jim is a fine judge of good burgers! :c)