Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nice Rainy Lazy Day

(Fortson, GA) Hi 61 Lo 57 -- It started raining early this morning and it didn’t stop till early evening. It was a soft easy rain, which kept us in a sleepy feeling all day. The temperature stayed in the 50's so we kept the fireplace on most of the day.

All the tent people left by 11:00. I watched as they packed up, took down their tents and drove off. One couple had breakfast on the fire before giving up.
Here's a hazy picture through the rain of a couple of young guys breaking camp.

Just a gentle rain.
2013-04-14 rain blanton creek fortson ga (1)

When the rain finally stopped this guy had to bail out his boat with a bucket.
2013-04-14 rain blanton creek fortson ga (3)

Jim watched the Cardinal game and the Masters golf tournament while I read blogs most of the day. I also got my laptop backed up to the external drive and played games. I didn’t move much. We didn’t go up to the office today. We’ll see Jim and Judy tomorrow.

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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

It has been raining here for 14 hours non stop. It is a good excuse to just relax and find things to do inside:)