Monday, April 15, 2013

Meeting Another Full Timing Couple

(Fortson, GA) Hi 73 Lo 58 – It was cloudy today, but the temperature was nice in the mid-70's. We had a short morning of coffee and computers. Around 10 we went to the office to sit with Jim & Judy for a little while. Then we left for a much anticipated meeting with Fred & Jo, The Wandering Wishnies. They're in another park about thirty minutes from here. We’ve followed their blog off and on for a long time and we're glad we finally got to meet them.

Jo, Fred and Booboo

We had a very pleasant two hour visit with them. They have a Carriage Cameo fifth wheel like ours. It was fun to compare our living arrangements and compare notes on RV maintenance. Thanks Fred and Jo for allowing us to visit. I hope we get to meet again down the road.

On the way home we stopped so Jim could get a haircut. He's "let himself go" in the hair department. I've been giving him a buzz cut for some time, but he decided to let it grow out. The Great Clips was right next door to a Whole Foods store on one side and a Michaels craft store on the other, so I did a little shopping while we were there.

We went back to the campground and sat with Jim and Judy some more. Jim, Judy, and I also walked the hill a couple times, so I got my walking in today, after missing yesterday.

This view is out our back window. The lake is like glass out there tonight.

We still have a few days to go. We’re having so much fun here with our friends Jim and Judy, and it was an additional pleasure to meet Fred and Jo.


Speedy said...

I have been getting a 4 on the sides and a 8 on the top. Been spiking mine up a little.

IL Camper said...

Great view. Looking forward to our first outing of the season this weekend. Curt

Unknown said...

Hey there Jim and Dee!!! Wishing you all well, it's looking beautiful in GA right now!!! Jim, some new for you, I left PE at the beginning of April and am now working at a company in St. Petersburg doing reporting for them. It wasn't an easy decision after 12 years, but I felt it was time for a change so I went for it! Ican be reached at my home email if you're somewhere in the area!! (and yes, I still stalk you all on the Tumbleweed site from time to time!!)
Joe Rosenberger

Unknown said...

duh, my home email is :)

dreamjosie said...

Thanks for your nice comments about our meeting on your blog. Guess I should get some new entries posted so if folks jump over there, there will be something interesting to see.

Great meeting you guys. Safe travels.