Saturday, April 13, 2013

Relaxing Day by the Lake

(Fortson, GA) Hi 78 Lo 41 – We got chilly during the night so Jim got up and turned on the heat pump, then we slept sound till late morning. It’s so relaxing here, also very quiet. I learned the tent sites here have electric hookups and the tenters use small heaters or fans in their tents. There’s a group from a corporate business that use the white tents that are scattered around the park. They meet on weekends for corporate retreats. It’s better then meeting in a hotel.
2013-04-13 blanton creek fortson ga (14)

Each tent has one occupant. No sleeping on the ground here.
2013-04-13 blanton creek fortson ga (15)

The tent area next to us was a hot fishing spot. One couple left and a couple boys came in. I haven’t seen any fish caught yet.
2013-04-13 blanton creek fortson ga (7)

I took a walk to the office, which is 0.7 miles up the road. I mean UP... there’s a big hill to go up to get there. This is looking down toward our site.
2013-04-13 blanton creek fortson ga (16)

I took a rest at the office and talked to Judy and Jim for awhile.
2013-04-13 blanton creek office

Judy and Jim

After I rested a bit Judy and I walked back down to our site. My Jim walked back to the office with her at a much faster pace then I can do.
2013-04-13 blanton creek fortson ga (11)

He got Judy's Jim to bring him back in the golf cart, so he didn’t do as long a walk as I did.

Some more of the sites looking down from the hill.
2013-04-13 blanton creek fortson ga (10)

I sat outside most of the afternoon and crocheted and watched the boats and people fishing on the lake. The breeze was nice and the sun was warm. Here's the view from my chair under our awning.
2013-04-13 blanton creek fortson ga (17)

Jim watched the Cardinals baseball game till it was time to head back up to the office for a cookout with Jim and Judy. The guys grilled burgers and brats outside while Judy and I held down the office.

This is a great place. There are trees, but they aren’t touching the RV so there’s no problems with squirrels running on the top or branches swishing. It’s neat watching the boats and we’re enjoying our stay.


John and Carol said...

Nice looks like our kind of place.

Speedy said...

Looks like a real nice campground. We have some hills to walk up here. I am getting to where I can go up them without too much problem. Must be getting into shape?

A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

What a beautiful spot! Reminds me of a Corps of Engineers campground. That's a place we could spend a LOT of time!

Linda said...

Such a lovely place!

Mike and Terri said...

What a nice relaxing view!