Wednesday, March 6, 2013

More with Doctors

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 67 Lo 45 -- It was very windy again today. We've had so much more wind this year than any year we've been here in Florida for the winter. So in came the awning again. I went to shuffleboard, but it was so windy the pucks went where they wanted to go instead of where we wanted them. It was also chilly, so we were all glad to get the game over with this morning.

It was salad lunch today at the clubhouse. There's so many salads it's always a great lunch. After that was over Jim went to meet with his new VA doctor. It's so nice that he now has to drive only about 14 miles instead of 85 to see his doctor.

While Jim was gone I went to Bible study, then my walk. It was so windy that I stopped at the park fitness center and rode a stationary bike for awhile. I had a good workout.

The rest of the evening was back to normal. The wind finally died down at dusk.


Kevin Read said...

"I was very windy again today."

Is that why you went to the doctor...LOL!

Unknown said...

Lots of wind is not good for a pleasant walk.