Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Anniversary to Us!

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 70 Lo 40 -- We were married 43 years ago today. It's been wonderful and we're looking forward to many more years together.

We relaxed this morning. No appointments today and we're both recovering fine from yesterday's dental work. I was surprised Jim is doing so well, with hardly no after effects at all. I'm ok till I try to chew, so we're both sticking to soft foods.
I went to crafts class this afternoon. The craft today was a card holder made with corks. It’s so cute. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)

This is mine

Some of the others.

There’s a lot less of us. There were around 30 of us at the beginning of the season.

I came home for something to eat then went for my walk. There’s a lot more people gone today who are trying to get home before Easter.

We both sat outside and read this afternoon. It’s perfect weather. We went to the Jacaranda Hotel for dinner tonight to celebrate our anniversary, then over to the clubhouse to play cards.


Mike and Terri said...

Happy Happy Anniversary Jim and Dee!!!

Hope you're having a GREAT day!!!

Bill and Nancy said...

Happy 43rd Anniversary to you. We will be married 43 years in June:o)) 1970 was really a GOOD year!!

Gypsy said...

I wish you a very happy anniversary. 43 years! If I had stayed married (and if my husband had lived) I would have celebrated 43 years on Feb. 20th. Hope you have many more happy years together.

Betty Graffis said...

Happy Anniversary Jim and Dee.

Donna W. said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. Love the photo.
Were you a redhead or a blonde? my blonde looked red in a lot of photos at that time. Glad you had a nice dinner despite the dental work.

Dave and Maxine- Wandering Wingers said...

Happy Anniversary Jim and Dee!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Happy Anniversary!

Jill & Paul said...