Friday, March 29, 2013

Nearing Departure Date: Things to Do

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 73 Lo 46 - It's less than two weeks before we leave, so we're starting to get a little antsy hoping we get everything done. We still have to finish waxing the rig, which won't take long. We also have to spend a few hours clearing out the basement storage compartments and sorting through everything. Today Jim made an appointment to get some preventive maintenance done on the truck. And it will take me a while to rearrange the interior cabinets and compartments for traveling. We'll get it done.

This morning I went to the Happy Hookers meeting. I wanted to learn more about the cro-hook, which isn't easy for me by just reading the instructions. There was another gal that wanted to learn too, so we got one of the best hookers to show us. I want to do an afghan this summer. It will give me something to do especially sitting for awhile in one place.

I had to leave early from the class to get to my final massage before we leave. I like this lady and we made plans to come back next year. She told me I'll need to continue walking and working with with different exercises for my hips.

While I was at the Happy Hookers meeting Jim took the seat portion off my recliner to a local re-upholstery place to have it repaired. I thought the foam inside the seat was worn down because I was sitting in a "hole" and it was really getting uncomfortable. It turns out a couple of springs were broken, and also two of the four straps that hold all the springs and cushion together were broken. They finished the repairs in the early afternoon while I was at my massage, so I drove by on the way home to pick it up. It now sits so much better; it feels brand new!

Lee and Rosemary, fellow Carriage Cameo owners here in the park, invited us to go to a local Chinese buffet for dinner. They're leaving for their winter home in Indiana shortly after we leave, but like us, they're coming back here next fall.

We played cards again tonight. We don't have many more card nights left. :(


Sassy said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, I always wonder the same thing If anyone is reading! I enjoy reading yours and keeping up with what you full timers are doing.

beans said...

Thought this U-Tube video might interest you:
Double Ended Hook Crochet (Cro-hook) Part 1.
Sorry I don't know how to link but I think you should be able to search it on U-Tube.