Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Another Afternoon with the Dentist

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 62 Lo 38 -- I'm glad we didn't have to go anywhere this morning, it was a cold one. We stayed nice and warm in the RV with first the heat pump, and the furnace kept us warm.

We both had our dentist appointments this afternoon, follow ups from yesterday's visits. Our dentist splits his time between two offices, one in Avon park and the other in Sebring. Today we went to the Sebring office, which is so much bigger and nicer than the one in Avon Park. And it's in a nice location, as this window view from our dentist chair shows.

We didn't have to wait this time, they took us both in right away. Jim had a wisdom tooth extracted and gum surgery. The dentist cut and sliced the gum away from the tooth surface and scraped and re-contoured the bone underneath. My work was easier, just getting my permanent crown put on. It didn't fit right at first, so some shaping had to be done. The dentist went back and forth between us and we finished about the same time. Jim goes back next week to get some stitches out. I'm done till next year if all goes well.

We came back home and spent the evening with ice packs and Motrin. And we had very soft food for dinner. We're both glad this day is over.


Jim and Judy said...

Not a fun day!! At least the view was nice.

Betty Graffis said...

Praying Jim's mouth will heal quickly and he'll be able to rest well tonight.

Speedy said...

You just put me in pain thinking about your dentist visit.

Unknown said...

Hope you're feeling better fast, and back to eating all the foods you love soon.

Unknown said...

It sounds like your dentist’s appointment went without a major hitch! Your dentist is some kind of superhero to be able to manage two chairs at the same time! That's pretty awesome. I hope Jim's stitches came out just fine!

-- Reginald Cooper