Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Movie Tuesday

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 80 Lo 41 -- A perfect day, no clouds and a gentle breeze. I played shuffleboard first thing. We had several new people play this morning. I'm still trying to remember names, but it will come. Kathleen and Jon both played today so we went walking after the games. It was already getting warm.

After getting a bite to eat we headed out to the movies. We like to have movie day on Tuesday because the theater in Sebring has "Stimulus Tuesdays" with $1.50 popcorn and sodas. Today we saw Silver Lining Playbook, which has been nominated for several Academy Awards.

It was a very good movie. We don't think it deserves to win the Best Picture award, but Bradley Cooper is definitely deserving as Best Actor. And Robert Deniro was great too (as he always is).

We came back home and watched TV and enjoyed down time for the evening. We have so many recorded shows to watch that we're trying to catch up. The day was pefect.


Jim and Judy said...

We missed movie day. :-(

Unknown said...

We enjoyed that movie too, and although I thought the acting overall was great, I don't think it should get the Best Picture Award either.

Speedy said...

Gosh!...What is that like?? Trying to catch up on movies you have recorded but not watched. Most people are trying to catch up on laundry or house hold chores...but you...behind on your TV watching...how great is that.