Monday, February 4, 2013

Catching up on Blogs

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 70 Lo 42 -- I got up too late for shuffleboard. I guess I was really tired. I miss our neighbors Jim and Judy, who left last week. But we're doing ok. I caught up on blog reading today. Mom came on chat, so I got to chat with her awhile before going to the clubhouse for Mexican Train (Dominos).  She's doing really well with some vitamins she's on. That's good to hear. I call every Sunday, so I keep up with her and sis.

After I got back from playing, Jim was done with laundry so we went for a walk. We met a guy that was waxing his fifthwheel, so we stopped to see what kind of wax he's using. We need to get that done in the next couple months. If anyone has a favorite RV wax you recommend, please leave a comment. Our rig is fiberglass gel coat (not the full body paint).

On our walk we took another look at sites that are still open for rent next year. We want to move to another site for a change of scenery. Once we select one, if it's empty we may move into it for our last two months here, just to try it out. We'll see where we end up.

After dinner we went for cards at the clubhouse. Everyone that's coming to the park this season is now here. There's several empty sites this year. We're not sure why it's not full, but we're not complaining. This is a great place and we're so glad we're here.

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Speedy said...

Your life there sounds so peaceful! Soon we will be on the beach and soaking up the rays!