Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gathering of Friends at the Tampa RV Show

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 80 Lo 58 – We’ve been waiting for today for a long time. The RV show in Tampa is a great place to have a gathering of RV Dreamers and other RV'ers who read each others' blogs and are in Florida. It's a great chance for our RV "family" to get to know each other if we haven't met before, and renew old times if we have. A total of 45 people came out on a gray, dreary, misty day and we met at the tent restaurant at the RV show at the Florida State Fairgrounds. I took a lot of pictures, but when I got home I noticed that Jim's fancy camera got set on a different (wrong) setting without me knowing it and most of the photos turned out blurry. I was so disappointed and heart broken! Fortunately Elaine sent me some of her photos to post. Thanks Elaine!

Rob is to the left in the background, Dee, Ken and Jim. (Photo by Elaine)

Karen and Al with Rob in the background. (Photo by Elaine)
2013-1-17 karen and al at  Tampa RV show

Marci, Arlene and Marci’s son Bryce. (Photo by Dee)

Jim and Judy went with us today. They are our neighbors at the campground. Thanks for going with us guys! (Photo by Dee)

Sherry and Wayne. (Photo by Dee)

Neil and Nancy. (Photo by Dee)

Elaine and Donna. (Photo by Dee)

Donna, Arlene, Nancy and Elaine (Rick, Elaine's husband took photo)

Heres  a few of my blurry shots.

Richard and Mary

This one is really blurry, but I had to show how many people were going thru the vendor section. I guess they were happy to be in out of the rain.

We looked at a few of the new models, but the one we were really impressed with was the Lifestyle RV fifth wheels. They're being built using the same designs and floor plans from the former Carriage, Inc. (which is the brand of our fifth wheel). Carriage went out of business over a year ago and their engineering team was hired by the new company Lifestyle. They have a model with the same floor plan as ours, with the full wall slide, but they made many improvements both large and small that we really like. If we won the lottery, we'd buy one of those in a minute! But we're still very happy with ours for now. :)

We liked this park model. Someday we may live in one of these here in Florida, but hopefully that’s a long time in the future.

It was a great day seeing our RV’ing friends, both old and new. Thanks everyone for coming. We’ll meet again, we have wheels!


owensontheroad said...

I am so sad that we aren't there with everybody. Got a call from Nancy today and let me know how much fun you guys had!

Jeannie and Eldy said...

We are so sorry we missed all of you! Karen and Al sent me a message that they were thinking of meeting at the restaurant at 11:30 and I missed that completely, didn't read it till it was too late. But maybe it was for the best. Neither one of us was feeling very well and were trying not to cough as we made our way through a few more things we wanted to see. We didn't stay long. Glad you guys were able to meet. What a fun time! A big hello to everyone. Hope there will be another time we can meet everyone!

SK and Hutch said...

Thaks for putting this gathering together. It was fun seeing both you and Jim as well as others that we have met or follow on blogs.

Joe and Carolyn said...

I was happy to see several faces I knew and some I didn't. Was dressed for a weather day and with the windows closed it was a hot place and couldn't stay long. Just glad I finally got to see you again, maybe it won't be so long until next time.

Jeff said...

Missed meeting up with all fellow bloggers--we were at the show on Wednesday only. We too really liked that park model. Someday......

Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Unfortunately we didn't see your Tuesday post before leaving for the Rally and didn't get our MiFi up and running until Sunday. We knew the Meeting time and went to the Hospitality Room marked on the Rally Map. Wrong place!

Oh Well there are a lot more opportunities down the road. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.