Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Movie Day (It's been A While)

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 80 Lo 57 -- I barely got up in time for shuffleboard. I played with three new players that I haven't met before. That's one way of getting to know people in the park.

Jim and Judy asked us to go with them to the movies today. We went to see Zero Dark Thirty, the movie about finding and killing Osama Bin Laden. It was a good movie, but hard to follow at times, what with all the different characters with the long names.

After the movie we went to dinner at our favorite wings place, The Blue Lagoon. We then came home and I walked my mile with Judy and settled down for the night. Jim is doing real well. I hope he doesn't overdo it tomorrow going to the RV Show in Tampa. We're all looking forward to that.


Edward Henry said...

Glad to hear Jim's getting better.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the movie review. I always like to hear from others before I select a movie. Even at matinee or senior prices, they still aren't cheap. (I should probably skip the popcorn!)