Friday, January 18, 2013

Meeting an Old Friend From High School

(Avon Park FL) Hi 66 Lo 39 -- Big temperature drop today, but it will be back to high 70's by the end of the week.

I cleaned up the blog list a bit. I deleted any blog that hasn't been updated in over six months, and also any that I know have quit blogging. Many people are giving up blogging and starting to use Facebook instead. I hope I didn't delete someone that would like me to keep their blog listed. If so please email me.

I went to Happy Hookers this morning and learned how to cro-hook. It's a long stick with hooks on each end so you can use two different colors of yarn at the same time.

The hook and the front and back of the stitches

The crochet hook is 24 inches long and has a hook on each end.

This gives me something new to learn. By the way, the vest is coming along fine.

My high school friend Melba and her husband Ed are vacationing in Florida. Melba and I found each other on Facebook. When we found out she and Ed are visiting Ed's cousin in Sebring we made arrangements for all of us to meet for a late lunch at a local Ruby Tuesdays. We had a great time catching up with our lives, and it was good to get to know Ed, and Ed's cousin Fred and his wife Nina. After our two-hour lunch they all followed us back to our park to see our RV. After some more socializing Melba and Ed left to head to Kissimmee, and Fred and Dena went back to their park just south of Sebring. Melba and Ed plan a stay in Daytona Beach and we hope to see them when we go to Daytona Speedway in February.

Ed and Melba with Dee

Another wonderful day in our little part of paradise.


owensontheroad said...

Isn't it cool to meet high school friends on Facebook? You're looking great, Dee!

Unknown said...

Personally I enjoy regularly facebooking with old friends much more than a once every 5 years class reunion.

Bob and Jo said...

We thought you were following our blog,, and now we don't see it, hopefully an oversight :-)