Friday, January 25, 2013

Cherry Pocket Steak and Seafood Shak

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 74 Lo 50 -- This morning there was a vendor show at the clubhouse. Representatives from businesses in this area were there, giving out freebies and telling about what they offer. We picked up some cruise brochures, but generally ignored all the free key chains, beer coozies, and other things. I did find what seems like a good place for eye care. But many of the vendors were targeted for park model owners, with window and carpeting dealers and such.

We did some blog reading for an hour, then grabbed Jimmy and Judy and headed to Lake Wales about 45 minutes away to a restaurant called Cherry Pocket Steak and Seafood Shak. Our friends Jon and Kathleen told us about it. I'm not sure how people find out about these out of the way places to eat. This one was way out in the country at a fish camp next to one of the hundreds of lakes in this part of Florida. (Around here it seems that if you throw a stone it's going to land in a lake.) We were surprised at how hilly it was in that area. When we crested a hill we could see the citrus groves for miles. Very beautiful.
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The place really is a "shak."

The interior decor includes hundreds of dollar bills signed by customers.

The food was very good, but it was busy and the service was slow. Our waitress said a couple of managers were waiting tables because one of the waitresses didn't show up for work. Notice it took two managers to replace one waitress, and the service was still slow. :)  But that was ok, we enjoyed sitting and talking. The only disappointment was the key lime pie that Jim ordered. It was made from some  kind of green gelatin and was nothing like real Florida key lime pie.

We came back to the park and Jimmy and I taught another couple how to play shuffleboard. They are here from Wisconsin and travel every winter in the warm states. Last year they were in Arizona, this year Florida.

Tonight we moved our card games at the second (smaller) clubhouse across the park. The Red Hat girls are having a pajama party at the main clubhouse. That sounds interesting.

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Speedy said...

I bet that was some kind of party...Red Hat girls running around in their PJs acting like they are 18 again...Sorry I missed it...LOL