Saturday, January 26, 2013

Preparing for a Cookout

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 75 Lo 46 -- I wanted to get the day started before it got too hot, so after breakfast we went for our mile walk. This time it was Judy, Kathleen, her husband Jon, and me. People all over the park were washing vehicles and out walking.

Our friends Rob and Debra are visiting us on Sunday, so Judy and I went to Walmart to pick up supplies for a cookout we're having tomorrow. Tomorrow is the car show in the park so we'll have plenty to do. Around 90 cars are expected for the show. They'll also have hot dogs and ice cream at the clubhouse.

I cleaned up the RV and had to find room in the refrigerator for all the extra food I bought. When we open it we have to be real careful. I'm glad we're not traveling with it that full. My Jim showed Judy's Jim how to flush and clean out his water heater and change the anode rod. After that he cleaned up our gas grill. He had some pretty dirty hands when he was done.

The rest of the afternoon we just chilled. They made some improvements to the park wi-fi, so Jim signed up for one day of service to test it. It seems to be pretty fast and stable so far. If it stays that way throughout the evening (when park wi-fi usually slows down) we plan to discontinue our Centurylink DSL service and sign up for the park wi-fi for the rest of our stay here. That will save us quite a bit of money. I'll give it a good test during the chat room tonight. We learned at yesterday's vendor fair that Verizon will have 4G LTE service in this area this summer, so next year we should be able to use our Droid smart phones for our internet.

Another thing we did this afternoon was go over the cruise and tour brochures we got at yesterday's vendor fair. It's fun dreaming about visiting places in other countries. We'd love love to go to Europe some day. All it takes is money. :)

The weather is perfect for sitting outside, which we did for a while today. It was a great day with friends here in our piece of paradise.


Speedy said...

Why Europe? We have so much here to see and it is much prettier here than over there. I have been around the world and the USA is the best place on earth by far.

Mike and Terri said...

Hope you get some pictures from the car show tomorrow. Wish we were there to see it.