Thursday, January 24, 2013

Movie Day - Les Miserables

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 71 Lo 42 -- I skipped shuffleboard today. We went to brunch at IHOP and then to see the movie Les Miserables. We ate enough food at IHOP to last the entire day. We love that place; they make great breakfasts, and they give a 10% discount for seniors.

We got to the theater early so we spent some time walking around the mall. The movie was really good, but looooong! We'd seen the play a couple of times so we were familiar with the story.

After the movie we went to the VA Outpatient Clinic in Sebring. Jim's been getting his medical care at the Tampa VA Medical Center, which is a 1 1/2 hour drive every time he goes to see his doctor. He decided to transfer to the Bay Pines VA Medical Center, which is in in St. Petersburg. The Sebring clinic is in the Bay Pines system, so Jim can get his routine care here, and only have to go to St. Petersburg for anything that requires a hospital. It's a little farther than the Tampa hospital, but we (hopefully) won't have to go there very often. While in that part of Sebring we stopped at a seafood market and bought some fresh fish for the freezer. We're finding out that Sebring has just about any type of business we need or want. We're really starting to like this area, and are thinking this may be our permanent home in the (far) future. We're NOT ready to settle down yet, but it's nice to know we're very comfortable here for later in life when we can no longer travel.

We came home and sat outside visiting with Jim and Judy to hear how their day went. When the sun went down we came in for some dinner and settled in for the evening. Another great day in our little part of paradise.

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Speedy said...

We have decided that we will be spending next summer in Greere Colorado. Next winter more than likely will be spent in Arizona. We want to travel some in southern California and Arizona would be the best stepping off spot for that. Kris wants to go to the Cape in Florida so I am sure one of our winters will be spent there.