Sunday, November 4, 2012

Carolina Clan, Day Six

(Murrells Inlet, SC) Hi 81 Lo 48 – We changed back to standard time last night, so keeping with the “normal time” we were on, I got up an hour early. I’ve never understood why the time can't stay the same.

Jim’s family came over this morning to say goodbye. They left around mid-morning to head back to Beaufort, NC. They enjoyed their time here and hope to come back again next year. Hopefully Jimmy's house will sell and he'll become a full timer.

I went walking around to see who was up and Laurie was ready to walk the nature trail. It’s two and half miles through the woods and near the marsh. Here’s a few pictures of the area. No snakes or alligators this time around. Only a few birds.

Laurie leads the way.

Boards were laid down on part of the path for when it rains. It was dry today.

There’s little signs to keep you on the trail.

Lots of roots.

We both liked this tree, or is it trees?

We were glad to get to the overlook at the end of the trail.

The overlook offered a good view of the marsh with the ocean beyond.

We got back to the campground to rest awhile. It’s been quite a week for me. Four and half miles yesterday and two and half today. I’m feeling it, but tomorrow I’ll rest, unless I take a short walk to the beach.

We had a pizza party this evening. With the pizza, a campfire, and everyone together we had a great time.

Jim and Paul


There were storms brewing and it started to rain a little, causing several people to go back to their RV's soon after eating. There’s rain in the forecast for tomorrow so we’re not sure what we’ll do. Almost all of us will be leaving Tuesday morning. The Carolina Clan rally is winding down.


owensontheroad said...

I am sad to see it end. I wish we could all travel together!

Unknown said...

Hi Dee, We are in Gaffney SC, I am taking the freightliner class Monday and Tuesday. We will head to the coast eventually.

Don and Cheryl

Kevin Read said...

Good for you, keep on hiking!