Monday, October 8, 2012

Fast Trip to South Carolina

(Summerton, SC) Hi 63 Lo 57 -- It was very humid and 85 when we left Jacksonville. We were glad to be going north to cool off, and the farther north we went the cooler it got. It was cloudy, but no rain until we were almost to our destination. We need a one-night stay between Jacksonville and Myrtle Beach. In 2010 we stayed in Santee Lake RV Park. We were going to stay in the same park tonight, but we noticed another park next door, Big Water Lake Club CampgroundThey have longer pull-through sites, so we decided to stop there so we can leave the rig hitched to the truck for the night. This park is part of the Coast to Coast Club, but they allow non-members to stay.
 Not much to write about today. We'll be leaving in the morning for Myrtle Beach. We have an appointment Wednesday morning at Camping Connection in Myrtle Beach to get our  slide looked at.

Jim didn't set up the satellite, but we pulled in a few local stations on our rooftop antenna. And we'll watch some recorded shows tonight. The rain is very soothing, so we should sleep well with the cooler temperatures. We're hoping it clears up by morning.

(The parks and map is updated for info about where we've been this year so far. It's located to the right of the blog.)


heyduke50 said...

we stayed at Santee in the past and would stay again but will look at this one next time too..

Karen and Al said...

Glad to hear you made if safely. Al says to tell Jim to get a roof mounted satellite dish while he's at Camping Connection...then you just push a button for satellite!

Don't hurry back to's hot and humid and worse than Jacksonville.

Speedy said...

I spent some time in that area. Sherri hated the Santee Cooper Bridge. She would close her eyes every time we crossed it. I guess there will be a lot of eye closing when we get to Colorado.